Take back the control of your sex life with these female vibrators!
Now there is something that can give you complete control, something that gives you the ultimate intimate pleasure no man has ever before or will ever in the future and it is always ready and willing to be the ultimate lover.

What are the rabbit vibrators? What's the hype all about?
You may have seen them on "Sex And The City", and they have also featured on "Oprah"! But now we are making these female vibrators accessible to every woman on the planet. The rabbit bibrators are a 7 inch imitation penis shaped transparent dildo vibrator. These female vibrators have advanced I.C. chip "Multi Function Variable Control Technology" that allows you perfect manipulation over your pleasure.

It's a dildo vibrator so what's the big deal?
Well that's just half of the story. The rabbit vibrators real innovation is in its rabbit attached to the side of the shaft. Its gentle vibrating tingles and teases the out area of the vagina including the clitoris area. And when the dildo shaft moves up and down and right and left as it rotates it gently stimulates the G-spot, and then when inner pearls that rotate near the base of the vibrator rotate, these stimulate the labia at the vaginal entrance. Now imagine, while all this is happening at once it is hard to imagine any woman not reaching multiple orgasm after multiple orgasm time and time again.

Just What Dreams Are Made Of!

Pink flexible female vibrator can give you the most sensual stimulation and enjoyment as it moves up and down. It can go as fast or as slowly as you like with multi-speed control. It rotates, it vibrates and it also has realistic love-making sound button. With an elephant shaped soft and gentle tip to bring your clit to orgasmic pleasure. The entire body of the female vibrator rotates and squirms to your own personal satisfaction. Independent controls and soft jelly covering makes this female vibrator an extremely good stimulator! The loose beads inside make for an even better orgasm as it thrusts deeper and deeper inside. Uses 4 AA batteries (not included).
Perfect Female Vibrator For Beginners.

This female vibrator is a multi-speed twirling vibe with an incredible rabbit clit stimulator. There are separate controls for rotation and vibration. PussyPal is perfect for beginners but powerful enough to please even the most experienced enthusiasts. You've thought about it, read about it, and fantasized about it forever. But until now, you haven't found the right vibe that you've felt comfortable experimenting with. Well ladies, the wait is finally over! Make your first intimate encounter a thrilling one with this incredible female vibrator. It twirls, it twists, and massages deep inside for a mind blowing finish every time. Uses 4 AA batteries (not included).
Perfect Companion Penis Vibrator.

The penis vibrator is a fairly basic but very effective penis emulator, it is shaped exactly like a penis and has much the same feeling as one. Because it does not have any extra appendages as the other more expensive vibrators, then it has the luxury of being able to look and feel just like the real thing, as in shape and size. Everything you want has been incorporated in this great female vibrator!

I never used to be able to reach orgasm by having sexual intercourse with my partner but as soon as I used the Climaxamator vibrator I'm now able to enjoy multiple orgasms. Reaching my first one in just 5 minutes!
Melanie, 27

I have been with my partner for 8 years and sex had been boring for a while, he introduced me to your PussyPal vibrator last month and now sex has never been more fun for the both of us.
Lisa, 31

I'm no stranger to female vibrators but once I used your ThrustMaster vibrator I realized I had still been missing out on a lot! This female vibrator takes me to places I have never been before!
Yasmin, 25

Being a single mother of 3 it was hard to find anyone to have a relationship with. I purchased your SuperThruster vibrator and now I'm not worried whether I find a man or not. I love looking forward to going home each night once the kids are in bed to have time alone with this miracle female vibrator.
Susan, 45